Next Set of Webinar and Web Lab - Writing for the Web and SEO

Hello PLEI Connect members!

We are delighted to bring you our next set of webinar and web lab that will tackle the subject of Writing for the Web and search engine optimization (SEO).

Writing great web content is one thing, but great content also needs to find its way in front of the reader. There are some negative perceptions towards search engine optimization (SEO), based on unsavory tactics to trick Google’s algorithm. However, good SEO focuses on understanding what information your audience is looking for and relating it to them in their own words. It’s about using a series of best practices to provide timely, relevant content that will drive more traffic to your website.

This one hour webinar seeks to arm web masters and web copywriters with the theory and the practical skills to optimize their website. It will begin with an explanation of how search engines work and why you should focus on search engine optimization. You will be exposed to several theories and methods for search engine optimization. Finally, you will learn a number of technical skills, tools, and tactics that you need to successfully optimize your website.

Our speakers for the webinar will be Jill Purse, Marketing and Sales Co-ordinator, and Darren Gibbons, president of OpenRoad Communications, a technology consulting firm located in Vancouver, B.C.

For the Web lab, Jill and Darren will be joined by Caroline Boily, Web Editor-in-Chief at Éducaloi, who'll discuss and show how Éducaloi has adapted these best practices to its legal information website. The web lad will also, as usual, serve as a chance for participants to ask their questions to our experts and exchange good practices and ideas.

The webinar is set for Tuesday April 30th at 9:30 AM PDT / 12:30 PM EDT and will last approximately one hour.

The web lab is set for Thursday May 2nd at 9:30 AM PDT / 12:30 PM EDT and will last approximately one hour.

To register for one or both events, please go to

Please note: You can now watch an archived version of the April 30th webinar at:

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