A new responsive design for our bilingual community

Over the last couple of months, we've been working on making some important improvements to PLEI Connect to make it easier for members to access and use our online community. Late last week, we launched a new site design which incorporates a mobile-first layout and much better readability for all screen sizes. We are also very excited to announce that La Connexion VIJ (the French version of PLEI Connect) is now available for all members to use!

Design changes

Our aim was to make the changes as subtle and useful as possible, so we hope you enjoy them! If you're not sure where things are, please check out our Getting Started information. Some of the recent improvements you might notice include: 

  • User links moved to top of page (Edit account, messages and log out links)
  • Less wasted white space
  • Easier to read posts
  • Responsive, mobile-first layout (try it out on your various tablet and mobile devices!)
  • The ability to bookmark posts and mark posts "useful" (still being phased in)

For a more in-depth and technical look at how we built our responsive Drupal theme, please keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post I'll be adding this week.

Translation for La Connexion VIJ

Over the last few months, we've been working with our partners at Éducaloi to make PLEI Connect a completely bilingual website (La Connexion VIJ), thanks to the generous funding we received from the Access to Justice in Both Official Languages Support Fund from the Department of Justice.

To access La Connexion VIJ, please use the language switcher links, which are located to the right of the logo and just above the search box. At this early phase, members can expect to notice continued improvements and additions to translation over the coming weeks. 

** Note: You need to log in to the French and English versions of PLEI Connect separately. This is because member login is accomplished by using a cookie. We use separate domain names for each language (English = pleiconnect.ca / French = connexionvij.ca), and each domain name requires it's own cookie!

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